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It’s that time of the year again. Forget the past and bring in the new. It’s adieus 2012 and Hello 2013 ….

It’s also a time of reflection and a time of making new year resolution. How many people actually make new year resolutions but never keep them? Hands up! I believe 80 percent of all people have this problem. You give up after January.

What is the problem? When I first started this blog, I was in despair. I was broke, in debt, low in confidence, and was suffering a major depressive episode. The first thing that I changed about myself was my mind set and attitude …. I read all sorts of information about positive thinking, the subconscious … books like “The Secret”, “Power of the Subconscious”, “Think and Grow Rich”, I gobbled up the information ….

While still not entirely debt free, I am moving in a very sure-fire positive direction. It took a while but slowly and surely, I made positive steps in the right direction.

I have achieved most of the resolution I had set last year. How did I do it? By using a combination of positive intentions and physically working hard. What is positive intentions? By actively visualizing the things that you want, to the point that you feel you already have it. All you need is an active mind.

Additionally, you will also need to make sure your resolution is something that can be quantify. For example, someone might say I want to lose weight. This is much too vague for your mind to process. But if you say “I want to lose 10kg in three months” .. Now that is something quantifiable and a much better resolution. In the same way, saying “I want to make more money” should translate to “I want to make 200,000 dollars in one year” … then further break it down to how you are going to achieve it. Have goals and resolutions that can be quantifiable.


Lastly, tell people about your resolution. Because of social pressure, you will be more inclined to work towards the goals. Announce it to the world. If you have a blog, put those goals on it. If not, turn to your wife/best friend/significant other and tell them your goals/dreams/resolutions for the year. Ask them to help you monitor.

Having said that, here are my new year resolutions. Lets see how many of these I have achieved after a year. See ya last day of 2013!

1. Make $210,000 in one year

2. 15 minutes of exercise every day

3. Have a holiday in Japan

4. Clear ALL outstanding debts

5. Meet up with All my old friends



Have you had a dream and wonder what exactly it means? If you believe in the subconscious, then you must believe that dreams are part of our subconscious mind trying to tell us something about our lives.

Here is a website that can interpret your dreams online. Try it. It’s rather fun.