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Ok. There is one species of woman that many men, including yours truly will hope to miraculously find in his lifetime. Yes I am referring to the SQUIRTER. And for those who don’t know what it means, a squirter is someone who releases so much water during sex/orgasm that a fountain of water will shoot out from her pussy. I am sure many men must have watched such a scenario in porn movies. But how many of us have really found one – the elusive and legendary squirter.

squirting fountain

Despite the many woman that I have come into close proximity with throughout the years, I have not met one. Sure I have been with many women that are very wet and screamed very loudly during sex, but an actual woman who squirts? Never!

I had almost given up the search for one when one day, completely out of the blue, I happened to bump into one. Quite literally. See, I was with a couple of friends knocking back a few jugs of beer in a relatively sleazy hang flower joint which consists of thai, vietnamese and korean dancers.

vietnamese dancers singapore

I was getting pretty high at my table when I spun around and literally bumped into this gorgeous tall woman who flashed the most beautiful and angelic smile. I am a sucker for long legs and a beautiful smile, and this woman captured my attention instantly. So when it was her turn to go on stage to ‘parade’ herself in hope of getting ‘flowers’, I bought a 50 dollar flower garland which was hung on her. She smiled and did a little bow in my direction.

By the way I later found out that these girls in fact don’t get a fixed salary. They come here on a social visit pass of one month and they already owe their agent or the night club bosses $1,000. This is for food, lodging and the air ticket. So basically, they will have to sell a thousand dollars worth of flowers or drinks before they even start making any money. After they have earned their first one thousand dollars, they then split profits with the establishment on a 60-40 basis. Some women who looks average or don’t know how to make men feel good, might not even make a thousand dollars in a month. So next time you hang flower on one of these girls, consider yourself doing a good deed. I digress.

So after the ‘modeling’ segment, the girl with long legs came over to my table. Let’s just called her Ling. I found out that she came from vietnam and she it was her first week in Singapore. She wasn’t the prettiest girl in the club but she had a classy demeanor and a very fun personality that I found extremely attractive.

vietnamese girl

To cut the long story short, we exchanged numbers and I saw her again several times both in the club and outside the club before she had to go back to Vietnam after one month.

In the next month, I flew to Vietnam to visit her. It had been several years since I last visited Vietnam. It always reminded me of Singapore in the 1980s, very vibrant, very energetic with a special old school kind of charm. I love this country.

Meeting the Vietnamese girl was like meeting a long lost lover. We kissed and embraced. And I was really looking forward to spending time alone with her. We went to eat some famous Pho, drank some coffee at a Vietnamese Cafe. She brought me to many places on her motorbike and I must say riding on a motorbike behind a beautiful woman, through the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh, is one of the most amazing feeling in the world.

vietnamese girl on motorbike

At night, she stayed over at my hotel and I was already hard with anticipation. We made love for the first time. I fingered her and I could feel she was really wet. Her vagina was already contracting in spasms. then she mounted me. The way she moved her body was sensuous and slow, rocking back and forth but in a very slow and rhythmic fashion. Then I felt it. A gush liquid bursting out from her pussy and wetting my thighs and then soaking through the bed.

I was taken aback but it was a big turn on for me. We continued in several positions and I had to see it for myself. I stuck my fingers into her pussy while my other hand stimulated her nipples. Very shortly, her body was going into spasms and she was screaming. Then it happened, a burst of clear liquid erupting from her moist volcano. It soaked the bedsheets.

volcano eruption

The squirt was too powerful

I couldn’t help but smile. I kissed her gently on the lips and we hugged each other to sleep.

This was to be the start of a truly memorable find. The elusive squirter from Vietnam.

Today, I woke up not feeling so good. I guess it has to do with the unpaid rent and electricity bills. On top of that, my subscription to the soccer channel might just be cut if I don’t make payment soon. I’m sure you guys can identify with that – what is life without soccer right? (HA)  I spent a good half an hour praying and imagining the big house and the BMW convertible that I am going to drive and good feelings start to overwhelm me.

But you know how it is with feelings right? Don’t take charge of it and it changes in an instant.

I have a meeting with a hotel manager in the afternoon and it’s supposed to be some sort of an interview. An agent had recommended me to teach a basic adult English class to some of the foreign workers in the hotel. Pretty neat. It’s been a while since I have been to an interview and I can’t help but feel a tinge of nervousness. Ok. Not just a tinge. A whole lot of tingly nervousness!

I took a bus to the hotel and spent my time on the bus reading “The power of your subconscious mind” by Joseph Murphy. Very good read. The core idea is that our conscious mind which is the part we use everyday only occupies 10 percent of our mind. If we are able to tap into the subconscious which is 90 percent, imagine what fantastic things we can achieve in life.

I was so caught up in the book that I almost missed my stop. The thing is this: It’s been a while since I have taken public transport so frequently. I used to zip around in a pretty neat SUV. So, I am not that familiar with bus routes and really relies on the internet’s street directory to get around.

When I got off the bus, I felt a sense of dread. I don’t see no five stars hotel. Only a couple of apartments. To top it off, it was beginning to drizzle. “Don’t panic my friend,” my subconscious mind seems to be telling me but my conscious mind was screaming “Where the heck am I? I only have five minutes to reach the bloody hotel!”

I calmed myself down and tried to picture the street directory. The road was correct. And since I have not passed the hotel yet, the only logical way was to keep moving ahead. I quickened my steps and sure enough, in about five minutes, I saw the hotel appear in front of me.

I called Jane (the manager I was supposed to meet) and then waited for her at the lobby. When Jane appeared, I was slightly taken aback. She was heavily pregnant, not exactly what I imagined her to be. But she had a very beautiful smile and spoke with such confidence and eloquence that I can’t help but be slightly mesmerized.

this is not the actual photo of Jane. any resemblance is purely coincidental and not to be taken seriously.

I thought the interview was – to borrow the famous words of Simon Cowell “An absolute and complete disaster”. You see I have this problem with beautiful and confident women. When I am in the presence of women who are confident, beautiful and generally brilliant, I tend to freeze up and become a completely different person. Either I try too hard to be funny or I just morph into some kind of humourless freak. In this case, I was a humorless freak with shaking hands.

Throughout the interview, she kept emphasizing that she hoped the lessons would be fun and enjoyable. I was trying to create the image that I was fun but nothing funny nor fun came out from my mouth. In fact, there was a period of stone cold silence for about ten seconds which I just couldn’t find anything to say. The best I could muster was a soft “Is that going to be a boy or a girl?”

Someone find me a big hole please?!!!!

I was pretty sure that I was not going to get the job. But as Forrest Gump would testify – “Life is a box of chocolates. you never know what you gonna get”

That evening, my agent called me to tell me that the pregnant manager was very happy with the interview and that I can start in two weeks’ time. I was pretty surprised but at the same time, I found myself smiling like a Cheshire cat.

The universe will give even in days when I feel bad. And I think God for that.