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I have honestly never really understood the ‘Chinese tsunami’ happening in our country. Of course my definition of Chinese Tsunami is quite different from what a Malaysian PM might be refering to. I am refering to theĀ  onslaught of China girls coming to our country to work as prostitutes, massage ladies and KTV hostesses. Essentially they all do the same job, but they differ in how much they are deluded in their jobscope.

china ktv girls

Anyway. My very first experience with a China girl happened some time ago through a wonderful modern technology known as wechat. For those unfamiliar with wechat, it is essentially an app that you can download to your phone. And for those people unfamiliar with what an app is, you can stop reading now. You belong to the dinosaur age. Goodbye.


Well, basically this app allows you to see a list of people near to you. So if you were staying in, for example Bugis, you can basically see a list of people using wechat who are living within a 2km radius to you.

One night, I couldn’t sleep and was playing with my phone at around 4 am. I saw Wechat amongst the most downloaded app on apple’s app center. So I downloaded the app and started playing around with it.

I scrolled through the list of people living near me. They either look like Indonesian maids, pervetish gays, Chinese whores or plain desperados. I was about to turn off the app when I spotted the photo of a very elegant and beautiful face. Basically, her photo look like this woman.


Most normal guys would be pretty mesmerized by her. So being a normal guy myself, I had to drop her a message. And I typed out a simple message in Mandarin. And to my surprise, she replied pretty shortly.

To summarize what happened, we texted each other until 6 in the morning. I found her to be humorous and pretty intelligent, completely different from the impression I had of China women. Yes I am shallow. Shoot me.

Anyway she told me she was working at a ktv, which I later found out was one of the most expensive ktv in Singapore – Lido Palace. I was curious to meet her but was extremely wary as well. I am sure we have all heard horror stories about these women, especially if they are working in the ktv scene. Their job is essentially extracting money from men. They should almost come with a warning sign. “Beware. Enter at your own risk.”

enter at your own risk

Anyway, my curiosity has been raised and I arranged to meet up with her for dinner and then drinks. I picked her up at her condo and while waiting for her outside her condo, my heart started pumping rapidly. I haven’t felt like this since oral exam during my O levels. Then I saw a group of 4 girls strutting towards the car, all dressed in skin tight dresses. One look and you could tell they were ‘working girls’.

This girl that I had chatted up – let’s call her Mei, was a little more plump than I had expected. But she was tall and she had style and a certain grace about her. And her smile definitely melt hearts.

It turned out that her friends were going to work and wanted a lift. So I sent her friends to work at some ktv in Parklane. They were very chatty and jovial throughout the journey. I guess they are used to making men like me feel comfortable. It’s their profession after all.

After dropping them off, I finally had some alone time with Mei. There was no feeling of awkwardness and we chatted like old friends. And yes, she strikes an uncanny resemblence to Zhao Wei.

After dinner, we proceeded to have drinks at a club. She’s a fish when it comes to drinking, downing one glass after another. The Ktvs have trained her well. In a few hours, we polished off a bottle of McCallen. And she started getting more and more touchy. She started holding my hand, and when I stared at her luscious lips, she leaned in and gave me a french kiss I couldn’t forget.

french kiss

Her friends came and joined us after work and we left the club to go to a Thai Disco. More drinks flowed. By then, we felt like lovers. It wasn’t long before she whispered in my ear “I want to go your place after this.” I think most men in my position would have jumped up, punched his fist in the air and shouted “goal!”.


But even though I was sufficiently intoxicated, I was still very much aware of the fact that she is after all a ‘money grabber’. What was she after? Do I need to pay her? Would she ask me for money for spending time with her tonight? After all, most of these Ktv girls would expect a tip of some sort.

Would it be rude if I asked her? There were just far too many questions running through my mind. Instead, I just told her “Maybe next time.” That got her pretty agitated. She replied quite harshly “It’s now or never.”

I replied “Not my place. Let’s go to a hotel.” She flashed her heart melting smile.

We finished up our drinks and checked into a hotel in town. We started kissing like mad long lost lovers once the hotel room door closed. Within seconds, she had completely undressed. I was actually a little disappointed with her boobs. They were a relative smaller B and judging from the cleavage she had displayed through the night, I could have sworn she was at least a C. I finally understood the magic of push up bras.

I went down on her and she screamed in ecstacy. I know many people would use this term in a figurative way but I actually meant it in a very literal way. She literally screamed. I was really worried that our neighbour would hear us. But we were both too high to actually care. She later told me that it was the first time she had received oral sex.

scream in ecstacy

not actual person.

We made love and finally collapsed into each other’s arms in ecstatic satisfaction.

In summary, we did it another three more times that night. It was one of the most satisfying experience of my life. Thank God for technology.

And the amazing thing was —– she didn’t ask for a cent.

It’s that time of the year again. Forget the past and bring in the new. It’s adieus 2012 and Hello 2013 ….

It’s also a time of reflection and a time of making new year resolution. How many people actually make new year resolutions but never keep them? Hands up! I believe 80 percent of all people have this problem. You give up after January.

What is the problem? When I first started this blog, I was in despair. I was broke, in debt, low in confidence, and was suffering a major depressive episode. The first thing that I changed about myself was my mind set and attitude …. I read all sorts of information about positive thinking, the subconscious … books like “The Secret”, “Power of the Subconscious”, “Think and Grow Rich”, I gobbled up the information ….

While still not entirely debt free, I am moving in a very sure-fire positive direction. It took a while but slowly and surely, I made positive steps in the right direction.

I have achieved most of the resolution I had set last year. How did I do it? By using a combination of positive intentions and physically working hard. What is positive intentions? By actively visualizing the things that you want, to the point that you feel you already have it. All you need is an active mind.

Additionally, you will also need to make sure your resolution is something that can be quantify. For example, someone might say I want to lose weight. This is much too vague for your mind to process. But if you say “I want to lose 10kg in three months” .. Now that is something quantifiable and a much better resolution. In the same way, saying “I want to make more money” should translate to “I want to make 200,000 dollars in one year” … then further break it down to how you are going to achieve it. Have goals and resolutions that can be quantifiable.


Lastly, tell people about your resolution. Because of social pressure, you will be more inclined to work towards the goals. Announce it to the world. If you have a blog, put those goals on it. If not, turn to your wife/best friend/significant other and tell them your goals/dreams/resolutions for the year. Ask them to help you monitor.

Having said that, here are my new year resolutions. Lets see how many of these I have achieved after a year. See ya last day of 2013!

1. Make $210,000 in one year

2. 15 minutes of exercise every day

3. Have a holiday in Japan

4. Clear ALL outstanding debts

5. Meet up with All my old friends



Epic Dickhead!

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The. Funniest. Video. Ever.

The Reality Of Life

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Hot Chick vs Fat Chick Mechanical Bull – Watch more Funny Videos


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Hi ladies and gentlemen. How’s it hanging?

Have been away for a while. Spiritually. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically.

Am onto a big project at the moment. Possibly the biggest of my life so far.

Every Dog has its day.

It’s good to be back.


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Just when I thought that it’s time to give up on Channel 8 dramas, along comes Breakout . Jeanette Aw has an absolute breakthrough in her acting. So has Guo Liang. The plot is riveting and the acting realistic. Do check it out. Support local production.