The Stadium

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Life
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If you have been to Jakarta to party, you would probably have heard of the club Stadium. The amazing thing about the club is that it is almost like a legalized drug haven. It is an entertainment complex that is so huge that it puts St James Power Station to shame.

Prostitutes, drug peddlers and drug takers litter the entire complex. In fact, I would say that the number of people who don’t take drugs in the club is less than ten percent. This is Jakarta’s open secret, and it makes the government’s supposed fight against drugs almost laughable.

So Yuli and her friend brought me to the club. The entrance to the club is lined with seedy looking pimps, prostitutes, and dealers. The moment I enter the disco, a pungent smell of ecstacy filled the air. I don’t think I can ever forget this smell. It’s indescribable and surreal.

We settled onto one of the tables and the first thing that I observed was that all the tables were filled with only mineral water bottle. No Henessy. No McCallen. No Johnny Walker. It didn’t take a genius to realize that everyone was probably on drugs. Women and men were dancing and shaking their heads in almost rhythmic synchronization which I personally felt extremely amusing.

Very quickly, Yuli was seen whispering into one of the waiter’s ears. It seemed pretty obvious to me she was ordering something for our consumption. I looked around me and saw many people dancing in their own world, seemingly in nirvana. Some are wearing sunglasses, apparently cause your eyes are extremely sensitive to light when you are high.

One guy near to Yuli’s friend keeps smiling at her. In a matter of moments, he whipped out a tablet from inside his pocket and offered her one. She popped it into her mouth with no hesitation and flash her charming smile at the man. Oh such faith! I can’t believe she just popped a pill into her mouth like it was some Ricola candy. Didn’t your mother tell you not to accept gifts from strangers?

Obviously it was the last thing on the mind of a Jakarta club girl waiting to get high in a club like Stadium.


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