Sex Drugs and Prison Time (part 2)

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Life
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Have you ever read a book by Neil Strauss titled “The Game”? For people struggling with approach anxiety, confidence, it’s actually a wise read. It helped me overcome mine.

You see the thing is – I’ve always had issues when I am in the presence of very beautiful women and here in front of me was possibly one of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Ordinarily, I would have froze up. But somehow, I didn’t. Maybe it was the presence of naked women in the room. Maybe it was the loud techno music. Or maybe it was just meant to be.

We exchanged numbers and I promised I would see her again tomorrow.

She gave me a peck on the cheek before flashing a wonderful smile and leaving with her friend. As I stared at her back, while she disappeared through the crowd,  thought flashed through my mind. “My god. I think I am having a crush on her.” And the last time I even thought of that word was probably in Junior College.

I headed back to the room and a party was definitely rocking. A couple of girls were dancing half naked on the tables. The difference about the karaoke in Jakarta and Singapore is that there is a good system to it. You like a girl. You book her company and she accompanies you for the entire night. They don’t ‘butterfly’ around like the hostesses in Singapore. On top of that, if you would like to see the girl take off her top, you can pay additional ‘coupon’ for the service. It’s just a system where you know exactly what you’re gonna get. In Singapore, it’s a lot of luck involved.

Anyways, Yuli and her friend were suitably high and they started messing around.

To be absolutely honest, I often found if amusing to see women taking off their top when they get suitably high. And it’s a pretty strange feeling to have a bunch of guys staring at two bouncing slabs of fat inside a smoky room. Some call it male-bonding.

After another bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label, all in the room are pretty sloshed. Yuli suggested another place to party and I’m all for it. While I don’t deny that there’s a good chance for some action in the night, but it was really not my main purpose of joining her and her friend.

I’ve always wanted to see how it’s like in the sleazier night clubs in Jakarta. Mark has always brought me to the high class places. They were fun but a bit sterile. I thought it would be a good chance to have a real eye opener with Yuli and her friend. And boy was I right ….

  1. henry says:

    Nice blog … Funny … And many cool stories … Hehehe

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