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“keep on keeping on till the day breaks and the shadows flee away.” – Joseph Murphy.


The following posts chronicles the days leading up to prison time in Jakarta.

There is a club in Jakarta called Zen. The strange thing about the club is that it is located in the midst of an office building and the office area at night in Jakarta is super deserted. Mark told me that this allowed their clientele – prominent businessman to be seen in the area without arousing too much suspicion.

We took the lift up to the club and was immediately greeted by the manager. He was casually dressed in T shirt and Jeans, and he had a toothy smile which he flashed incessantly. The service culture in Jakarta is pretty similar to Thailand. They are always very respectful to you, especially when they know you have money and are generous with your tips.

When we stepped into the clubs, we were greeted by more mamasans and papasans. I was beginning to feel that Mark probably enjoyed some kind of super VIP status in the club. I later found out from Ali that Mark was probably like the top two spenders in the club, frequenting it a few times a week and spending a few thousand Singapore dollars each time. So this was what it took to enjoy the super VIP status.

Well, members do have their priviledges it seems. We were led to the super VIP room number 18. I didn’t know the Indonesians were superstitious as well. The mummy strolled into the room and she reminded me of this Transvestite singer from Hard Rock Café in Singapore. She assured me in her broken English that she would get me the best girl in the house.

Moments later, a group of about ten girls enter the room. Ali took the one with the biggest boobs, while Mummy chose the sweetest looking girl in the group for me. She kept gesturing the ‘thumbs up’ sign to me. I wanted to tell the mummy that I wanted someone fun, not some kind of underage Junior college school girl trying to win my affection. But I figured it would take me a long time to explain to her in my broken Bahasa Indonesia so I dropped the idea and accepted her offer instead.

Her name was Bintan and on closer examination, she really resembled my first girlfriend from Junior College. Mark started toasting everyone in the room with this ritual called the 3 second rule. Basically, we have to take the bottle and invert it over our mouths and count till 3 seconds while the alcohol splashed into our mouths. It was a pretty silly ritual aimed to get everyone suitably high and relaxed and I must say it definitely worked after an hour.

Everyone was dancing and singing at the top of their lungs like some kind of rock God. And to my wildest surprise, Bintan started dancing on top of the table in the most provocative manner imaginable.

She took my hand and kissed me. It was a deep passionate French kiss and she proceeded to kiss me slowly down my chest and then started unbuttoning my Jeans. While I was pretty high and very much attracted to her, Mark was just sitting beside me and I felt awkward  getting a blowjob with him staring at my dick.

So I gestured for Bintan to stop. She stared at me with hurt puppy eyes and I almost felt like I had just committed a heinous crime against her. Bintan excused herself to go to the toilet, signaling that she was going to puke. As she stumbled to the toilet, I found it hard to imagine the sweet girl next door that I had met at the beginning of the clubbing session could transform into the sexy drunk babe in front of my eyes. These girls are really good actresses.

I looked over at Ali and his girl was already naked! He was burying his face in her ample bosoms. Mark had his regular girl with him, and I later found out that she was some actress in several prominent Indonesian dramas. Most of the B grade actresses also moonlights in big clubs and are available for a price. Apparently, there is a market rate for the actresses depending on whether they are considered A , B or C listers.

At this moment, a group of three girls came into the room and greeted Mark as if he was some kind of big time Mafia boss. One of the girls taller girls sat down beside me and introduced herself as Yuli. She was probably in her late 20s, of average looks but with a pretty hot bod. We chatted for a while and I realized that Bintan was still not back yet from the toilet.

I got one of the waiters to check it out and true enough, Bintan was passed out on the toilet floor in puke. It was a pretty disgusting sight as the waiters carried her out like a corpse.

Sensing her chance, Yuli told me that she would accompany me instead. I don’t really understand what she meant by ‘accompany’ but I really didn’t think she was the type that I would spend a night in a foreign hotel with.

As the night wore on, Yuli got increasingly high and was also dancing on top of the tables. I was beginning to wonder if the dancing on table thing was some kind of ritual. The group of girls started dancing and taking off their tops. It got a bit too much for me to see sagging breasts bouncing to the beat of Dangdut music.

I went into the lounge outside for a breath of ‘fresh’ air. It was dimly lit except for the bar area. A group of more than ten scantily clad women with svelt bodies were dancing sexily on top of the bar, enticing the customers to buy them special ladies drink.

After ten minutes, the lights dimmed and another set of women took to the stage. When the lights came on, a group of five women were standing on top of the bar. They were dressed in business attire. “A nice change.” I thought to myself. Then the trance beats started and they started gyrating to the beat of the music.

And it didn’t take long before their business jackets came off. In a matter of minutes, their skirts came off as well, revealing color co-ordinated red G-strings. Sexy! Then at that moment, I looked across the bar and noticed a very good looking woman cheering the women. Her smile was absolutely gorgeous, and she was prettier than many actresses that I have worked with in Singapore.

It was an incredible feeling that my eyes were drawn to her even though a bunch of semi naked women  were dancing in front of me. She exuded a certain class and style that made her stand out from the rest of the women in the club.

I was captivated by her and my mind was racing to find a way to approach her. It had been a long time since I had tried to chat up a girl in a club and I felt a sense of nervously that I haven’t felt for a long time. It was both exhilarating and nerve wrecking.

The strip tease continued on the bar top and in a matter of moments, the women were stark naked gyrating to the beat of the techno tunes. There was something disturbing about being almost eye level with the pubic area of a woman dancing in front of you. I felt almost embarrassed. On top of that, I didn’t want to leave a bad impression with miss stylish sitting right across me at the bar. A few times, I caught her looking in my direction. She had a good looking friend with her and I thought the friend kept gesturing in my direction but I could be wrong.

After the dance was over, I did my best Neil Strauss impersonation and strolled over to the girls across the bar.  My mind was searching for all the pick up materials I have learnt from THE GAME but at that moment, all I could think of was the loud pounding of my heart. Was it the beat of the techno music or was it the pounding of my heart?

I tried to look as casual as possible as I strolled over to the other side of the bar. Her friend saw me walking over and smiled alluringly at me. I took a seat beside her friend. Her friend was quick to strike up a conversation. I found out her name was  Donna. She introduced her friend and her smile up close was even more amazing. Her name is Dian.

I found out that she had just started working in the club. Donna was the one who introduced her to the job and it was only her second night working in the club. She seemed to find more amusement in watching the strippers than in working the men to earn more money. She had a wonderful sense of humor and spoke English reasonably well.

I was intrigued and possibly in love.

Well some readers actually wrote me to ask what is the reason for posting a post about a sleazy karaoke joint? To that I would reply …. no particular reason. That was part of my life in the past and it was a pretty funny incident so I posted it up and I never imagined the post would garner more than 3000 hits in one day ….

What exactly is happiness? It is one of those questions in life that almost everyone has an answer to.

I found myself searching for this answer from a very young age. I had a dream of becoming a writer and even a movie director from a young age. I taught myself how to write a screenplay and after numerous failed/rejected attempts, I finally won the top prize in the Screenplay awards in my country. I was in ecstacy. For a long while, it made me really happy to know that I am one of the top creative brains in the industry.

But the happiness didn’t seem to sustain.

I spent a good part of my life living the ‘good life’ – parties every other night, surrounded with beautiful women, lots of sex, lots of booze and the occasional drugs. I partied at Zouk’s seemingly innocent Mambo Jambo Nights

to the more hardcore parties in karaoke lounges and thai discos.

Yet I found no real happiness as most of the time I would wake up with a bad hangover and a feeling of emptiness the very next day. No happiness there it seems.

Then I went to the other extreme of turning to religion. I was so into the whole concept of Christianity that I literally read the bible every single day, evangelize to whomever would listen, and even started leading a small group. I think the most extreme thing I ever did was actually lead my group and we started evangelizing to people on the public bus!

I left the church after about two years. No happiness to be found there too.

So have I learnt anything from these experiences? The answer is a BIG FAT YES!

I truly believe now that in order to achieve happiness and to live our lives fully, we must fulfil the three aspects of life – physical, intellectual and spiritual. If we even neglect one of these, we would not be truly satisfied. I find that I have been pursuing these three aspects at various stages of my life IN EXTREMITIES. And also, in order to fully pursue these three aspects, it is essential that we are rich. Only when we are rich, are we able to fully purchase the tools around us to fully explore our physical, intellectual and spiritual needs.


The sleazy Karaoke joint.

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I remembered the very first time I went with a client to a karaoke was at this place called Boss at Orchard Plaza. My client Ronald used to be a very devout church leader and ever since he stopped going to church, he had strayed to the other extreme of visiting prostitutes and karaoke at an amazing rate.

He informed me that Boss had many happening local girls. I was a little surprised because I thought most of the girls working in karaokes were mostly from Vietnam, China or Thailand. Local girls? That I had to see.

The mamasan brought us into a small dingy looking room. The waiter turned on the karaoke system and we waited for the mamasan to bring the girls into the room. Ronald made sure the mamasan understood what type of girls he was looking for.

“Can play one!” he barked into the microphone almost like a Sergeant major during a parade. I smiled to myself. I simply cannot imagine this man attending church and leading a small group of Christians.

About two minutes later, the mamsan came back with four sweet young things. The girl that caught my eye was wearing a small black dress and had killer legs. The only minus point about this girl was that she had really small boobs. Almost non-existent.

Ronald pointed to one of the girls with boobs spilling out of her dress and signaled for her to sit beside him. I think this is probably the worst part of a hostess’s job. I can’t imagine what it feels like to be standing in a row in front of horny men trying to get them to pick you. I remembered those PE lessons during my school days when the boys were choosing team mates to join the basketball team and I always dreaded it cause I was always one of the last ones to be picked.

The girls must be feeling worse, especially since they have to keep smiling the whole time as the men scrutinize their body parts and face in close proximity.

At that moment, I felt a tinge of pity but it almost instantaneously evaporated as the girl in black sat beside me and put her hand on my lap.

I asked her for her name and she replied “Ice.”

I assumed Ice was a ‘stage name’ that she used for work. As we continued our conversation, I was actually surprised by her level of English. She spoke very well. I complimented her on her English and she replied sweetly, “Of course. I am studying in the poly.”

I was skeptical and I think she could tell. She whipped out her wallet and showed me her student card. Singapore Polytechnic. Wow! I wanted to ask her why she was working in a karaoke lounge but I figured it was a question that she would really hate. It’s like asking a toilet cleaner why he wanted to clean toilets. It was derogatory. I didn’t want to be rude and spoil our chemistry, especially since her hand had slowly wandered up my thigh to where my sensitive spot was.

Then she whispered in my ear, “Do you play?”

I didn’t exactly know what she meant but I guess it’s some secret language for “Do you want to fuck me?” I didn’t want to appear like a green-horn so I just replied “Of course!” She winked at me and then said, “ Later ok. I go to the toilet first.”

For those of you who are not familiar with the karaoke scene in Singapore, “going to toilet” basically means that she was going to another room to serve another client. It was a good way of putting it cause it would make her many clients feel like they were the only one. And that they were special in her eyes.

After the girls left the room, Ronald rubbed his hands in glee and proceeded to describe his girl’s body in a way that Shakespeare would be proud. That guy has all the makings of a sex novel writer.

We proceeded to down a couple of beers and waited in anticipation for the girls to return. Ronald explained to me that the second time the girls came into the room is when the action really starts. They would have made their rounds to the room and gotten suitably high. He made a promise to me that he would get all the girls to strip the next time they came into the room.

He spoke with such strong conviction that I almost felt like I was listening to a Sunday sermon.

About ten minutes later, the girls returned, and they look like they are either half drunk or on drugs. They mounted onto our laps and started to rub their bodies against us. True to Ronald’s words, the girls started to take off their clothes and I looked over at Ronald and he was already sucking on his girl’s nipples.

At that moment a thought flashed past my mind. I wondered how many men have already sucked on these women’s tits. Do they even clean their tits after each room? If not, we would all be licking each other’s saliva, albeit on the woman’s body. I was pretty groused out by this thought and even though Ice’s tits were staring at my face, I couldn’t bring myself to suck on them.

After a couple of minutes of grinding, she got off me and then proceeded to belt out “My Way” in a horrendous off-pitch way that turned me off completely. I glanced over at Ronald and his girl was actually giving him a blowjob.

That sight was a bit too much for me and I excused myself to go to the toilet for a smoke. Inside the toilet, while I was washing my face, I saw two men huddling in a corner and I glanced at them from the mirror. One had golden hair and was heavily tattooed while the other was bespectacled and scrawny. They appeared to be popping something into their mouths and when they saw that I was staring at them from the mirror, they hurried out of the toilet.

When I returned to our room, the girls have already left and Ronald was singing some Andy Lau song. He sang with much emotion and gusto, and if I didn’t know any better, I would have thought he had just gone through a painful break up. After the song ended, he proceeded to tell me in vivid details about his blowjob experience.

I couldn’t help but laugh. And if I was honest with myself, I preferred him like this than when he was a church leader. At least he was more real.

Today, I woke up not feeling so good. I guess it has to do with the unpaid rent and electricity bills. On top of that, my subscription to the soccer channel might just be cut if I don’t make payment soon. I’m sure you guys can identify with that – what is life without soccer right? (HA)  I spent a good half an hour praying and imagining the big house and the BMW convertible that I am going to drive and good feelings start to overwhelm me.

But you know how it is with feelings right? Don’t take charge of it and it changes in an instant.

I have a meeting with a hotel manager in the afternoon and it’s supposed to be some sort of an interview. An agent had recommended me to teach a basic adult English class to some of the foreign workers in the hotel. Pretty neat. It’s been a while since I have been to an interview and I can’t help but feel a tinge of nervousness. Ok. Not just a tinge. A whole lot of tingly nervousness!

I took a bus to the hotel and spent my time on the bus reading “The power of your subconscious mind” by Joseph Murphy. Very good read. The core idea is that our conscious mind which is the part we use everyday only occupies 10 percent of our mind. If we are able to tap into the subconscious which is 90 percent, imagine what fantastic things we can achieve in life.

I was so caught up in the book that I almost missed my stop. The thing is this: It’s been a while since I have taken public transport so frequently. I used to zip around in a pretty neat SUV. So, I am not that familiar with bus routes and really relies on the internet’s street directory to get around.

When I got off the bus, I felt a sense of dread. I don’t see no five stars hotel. Only a couple of apartments. To top it off, it was beginning to drizzle. “Don’t panic my friend,” my subconscious mind seems to be telling me but my conscious mind was screaming “Where the heck am I? I only have five minutes to reach the bloody hotel!”

I calmed myself down and tried to picture the street directory. The road was correct. And since I have not passed the hotel yet, the only logical way was to keep moving ahead. I quickened my steps and sure enough, in about five minutes, I saw the hotel appear in front of me.

I called Jane (the manager I was supposed to meet) and then waited for her at the lobby. When Jane appeared, I was slightly taken aback. She was heavily pregnant, not exactly what I imagined her to be. But she had a very beautiful smile and spoke with such confidence and eloquence that I can’t help but be slightly mesmerized.

this is not the actual photo of Jane. any resemblance is purely coincidental and not to be taken seriously.

I thought the interview was – to borrow the famous words of Simon Cowell “An absolute and complete disaster”. You see I have this problem with beautiful and confident women. When I am in the presence of women who are confident, beautiful and generally brilliant, I tend to freeze up and become a completely different person. Either I try too hard to be funny or I just morph into some kind of humourless freak. In this case, I was a humorless freak with shaking hands.

Throughout the interview, she kept emphasizing that she hoped the lessons would be fun and enjoyable. I was trying to create the image that I was fun but nothing funny nor fun came out from my mouth. In fact, there was a period of stone cold silence for about ten seconds which I just couldn’t find anything to say. The best I could muster was a soft “Is that going to be a boy or a girl?”

Someone find me a big hole please?!!!!

I was pretty sure that I was not going to get the job. But as Forrest Gump would testify – “Life is a box of chocolates. you never know what you gonna get”

That evening, my agent called me to tell me that the pregnant manager was very happy with the interview and that I can start in two weeks’ time. I was pretty surprised but at the same time, I found myself smiling like a Cheshire cat.

The universe will give even in days when I feel bad. And I think God for that.


So this is it! My very first blog post.

If anyone had told me that I would be starting a blog a year ago, I would have quite honestly considered that guy crazy. I had quite a number of ex girlfriends who were literally obsessed with their blogs and to me, their blogs were nothing more than a vanity tool to get more attention from the world (perhaps from a lack of attention from me!)

So why am I starting a blog at the grand middle age of 35? I guess to answer this question, I would have to go back to about three years ago when I was holidaying in Jakarta. To cut the story short, I was basically arrested by corrupt cops, accused of possession of ecstacy, and put in jail for eight months before being released.

Those eight months were one of the most difficult times of my life. I was depressed to the point of almost reaching a full-fledged mental breakdown. I came to truly appreciate the meaning of freedom and of the little things in life. Sharing a beer with a buddy at a pub. Playing a game of pool. Ogling at hot chicks in bikinis at the beach. You know the drill.

I basically used up my entire life savings and had to borrow more money to pay off the corrupt police, the prosecutors and the judge. If not, I would probably still be stuck in jail. I guess I was fortunate in that sense.

While I really enjoyed and appreciated the new-found freedom I had again, what really bothered me was a lack of money. I was quite literally broke and I owed money to most of my friends. Before I went to jail, I was working as a freelance film director and writer and was also conducting training workshops in film-making. Although I wasn’t rich, I was making a pretty decent living.

But this time round, I was seriously flat broke and severely in debt. I owed more than 50k to colleagues, friends and my previous vendors. I think the ultimate down for me was on my birthday last December where I had less than 10 dollars in my possession. To top it off, my electricity was cut on the very same day.So there I was, sobbing myself to sleep on my birthday in darkness with only my dog as my companion. If this is not miserable, I don’t know what is.

The next couple of months were a constant struggle. It got so bad that I started avoiding my friends. Some were because I owed money to and mostly because I didnt want to have to update them about my miserable life. I used to enjoy partying and would paint the town red every weekend, but I totally became a hermit and avoided going out. I got to be honest that I contemplated suicide quite a number of times.

Then one day, while I was browsing a bookstore (one of the best form of free entertainment!!!!), I came across a book titled ‘Think and be Rich” by Napoleon Hill. After reading a couple of pages, I was completely hooked. It had been a long time since I felt so inspired. I paid for it and finished reading it in a day.

About a year ago, I had actually read the book “The Secret” and although the principles in it were similar, I somehow felt much more affected this time round. Perhaps it was cause I was essentially down in the dumps. What have I got to lose anyway? Despite working so hard for more than ten years, with considerable talent (won the top screenplay award in my country), and with an honors degree and a pretty high IQ, I am still broke! I must be doing something terribly wrong.

So I went online to do some further research and lo and behold, I came across the e book which was written almost a hundred years ago which was titled “The Science of Being Rich”. And it immediately dawned on me what I have been doing wrong all my life.

It was simple. I hated the idea of being rich. Well not like outwardly of course. Like everybody else, I always dreamt of being rich, of working hard and making good money, perhaps striking the lottery. But I searched deep down in me and I realized that I actually hated the rich.

From young, my dad had always struggled with money. We had a rich uncle that my dad truly hated. He was like “Just cause he’s rich he had to flaunt his bloody BMW?”. “He didn’t even try to help me find a job in his company!” My dad was always blaming my uncle for his own lack of success and money. And I truly believed it rubbed off on me.

I had a few rich friends, one especially close to me who was successful enough to actually own a Ferrari and also a Porsche. While on the surface I seemed happy for him, I think deep down inside, I was competitive and envious of his achievement. I was always thinking thoughts like “oh sure he’s rich cause his father is rich!” and “I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes cause it must be so stressful to be that rich”. And when he started dabbling in shares, the devil in me actually secretly wished that he would lose money.

so all these while, I have been communicating to my subconscious mind that I didn’t like money. And my subconscious mind duly delivered. Which is why I am broke.

I had a bad attitude. And I am so happy that I have finally found the root of me being poor.

“The science of getting rich” states that if we do things in a certain way, we will no doubt be rich. It is a fact of life as true as the law of gravity.

So going back to the question of why I have started this blog. To prove once and for all that this theory is true. I will be recording my progress towards getting rich on this blog to prove that this is a science.

To wrap up my first post, here is a little miracle at work which I am still flabbergasted by. In July, I set up a betting account with Bet 365 to dabble in sports betting. I believe that sports betting if done with the correct analysis and  information, can allow a person to be successful in the same way a stoke broker or investor can be.

I put 1000 dollars into the account and was fairly successful for the first week or so. I think I won hundred odd dollars. Nothing spectacular. Now there was this night, that I wanted to place a bet on mix parlay of seven soccer teams. I wanted to make a bet of 50 dollars on the parlay.

After I chose the teams, I clicked on the button to place bet. And immediately I realized my mistake. I had clicked on another bet which was a 5 Fold Bet. Basically this bet meant that I took a total of 21 bets of 50 dollars each and I would only win if at least five of the teams I have selected won.

I was shocked. I just placed a bet that always wiped out my entire bankroll. 21 bets X 50 dollars is 1050 dollars. I considered to call bet 365 cancel the bet immediately but one of those teams I had chosen was about to start. Somehow I didn’t do it.

So guess what happened?

Basically, I won 10k that very night. Now, I am not advocating that anybody try this. In fact, if you put a bit of time studying sports betting, you will realize the only way to make money is to keep betting on singles and be very disciplined in your bankroll and staking plan.

What I did was an honest mistake which turned out to be a fantastic blessing.

The point I am trying to illustrate is that things do not happen randomly. When I changed my mindset, things around me start to change. I begin to attract ways to get rich. that is why I am absolutely convinced that if I stick to the principles as illustrated by “the science of getting rich“, I will get rich.

At this point of my life, I am still struggling to pay off my debts. I am getting married next month and I still have no money. But this blog is going to prove that I will turn my life around and attract the money that is due me.